ManyBabies is currently soliciting applications from prospective graduate students interested in contributing to large-scale collaborative infancy research, for a Fall 2020 start date.

What is ManyBabies? ManyBabies is a research network that supports multi-laboratory replication efforts in infant behavioral research. Current and recent projects/topics include: preference for infant-directed speech, infant theory of mind, infant moral reasoning, and rule learning, as well as a number off-shoot studies. ManyBabies seeks to examine the robustness of well-known phenomena, rigorously test controversial findings, and examine the impact of methodological, population-based, and laboratory-based sources of variation in findings. We value diversity in our test populations, our contributors, and our research questions.

What is the current graduate training initiative? ManyBabies is currently seeking to build its capacity for developing and implementing projects. As part of this process, we are soliciting applications from graduate students who can contribute to our mission. At the current time, we are looking for applicants who would be interested in training at one of three Canadian Institutions.

What are the benefits of ManyBabies-focused graduate training? ManyBabies students will develop crucial Open Science and Large-Scale Collaborative skills (e.g. R, github, OSF, complex linear models, large-scale collaborative writing) as well as expertise in a specific domain within infancy research. ManyBabies students will have opportunities for networking and mentorship with a highly diverse, international and interdisciplinary network of collaborators.

What would I be doing? As a ManyBabies graduate student, you would work collaboratively as part of a Leadership team to develop and implement one or more ManyBabies projects from the ground up and/or conduct secondary analyses of our rich set of existing data. You may also contribute to the development of general tools and materials for conducting ManyBabies projects.

How do I apply? To be considered as a ManyBabies graduate student applicant, you should apply to one or more of the three relevant Psychology programs (see below) through the general application process. Please make sure that your application clearly indicates an interest in ManyBabies and identifies the relevant potential advisor(s) as your desired advisor. Previous experience with Open Science research is desirable, but not required.

Concordia University

Dr. Krista Byers-Heinlein

Concordia Infant Research Lab

Research areas: Language acquisition & early bilingualism

Applicants should apply to the Research Training Option at the MA level if entering from a Bachelor’s program and at the PhD if entering from a Master’s program

Trainees at Concordia Psychology are guaranteed $17,500/year of funding, and funding packages for most students are higher. Tuition waivers are available for out-of-province and international students.

Deadline: December 1, 2019

University of British Columbia

Dr. Kiley Hamlin

Centre for Infant Cognition

Research Areas: Infant social cognitive development; early moral judgment and action; psychophysiology

Apply here

Accepted MA/PhD students will receive a guaranteed $23,000/year fellowship including a teaching assistantship. Additional funds available through the university and external competitive awards. Tuition waivers are available for international students.

Deadline: December 1, 2019

University of Manitoba

Dr. Melanie Soderstrom

Baby Language Lab

Research Areas: Infant language development, Infant real world language experiences

Apply here

Accepted MA students will receive a guaranteed $14,000/year fellowship plus opportunities for additional funds through teaching assistantships. Additional funds available through university and external competitive awards.

Deadline: December 15, 2019