ManyBabies (MB) is a collaborative project for replication and best practices in developmental psychology research. Our goal is to bring researchers together to address difficult outstanding theoretical and methodological questions about the nature of early development and how it is studied.


The broader goals of ManyBabies come together in a set of collaborative projects. They are organized in main projects (either empirical or methodological), spin-off projects, and secondary analyses. Below is a list of our main projects, together with their affiliated spin-off projects and secondary analyses. More info is available on the Projects page.

Empirical Projects

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MB1: Infant-Directed Speech Preference

Do infants prefer infant-directed speech? Do age, method, and native language background matter?
Spin-offs: MB1A, MB1B, MB1G, MB1L, MB1N, MB1T, MB1SA

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MB2: Theory of Mind

Do infants show anticipatory looking that reflects the false belief of another agent?
Spin-offs: MB2P, MB-ManyWebcams

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MB3: Rule Learning

Do infants learn and generalize identity-based rules from speech stimuli?
Spin-offs: MB3N, MB3L, MB3P, MB3T

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MB3N: Rule Learning with NIRS

What are the neural correlates that inform whether and to what extent rules’ processing and learning are abstract, rule-based, and/or language specific?

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MB4: Social Evaluation

Do infants prefer agents who are seen to help over those who are seen to hinder?
Spin-offs: MB4E, MB4I

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MB5: The Hunter & Ames Model of Infant Looking Preferences

What factors shape infants’ preferences for familiar and novel stimuli?

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MB6: Neonatal and Early Imitation

What is the nature of neonatal infants' imitation of gestures?

Methodological Projects

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MB-AtHome: Online Infant Data Collection

Solutions for testing infants in their home, with a focus on measuring looks
Studies: Looking-While-Listening, Visual Preference

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MB-Demographics: Unified Demographics for ManyBabies Projects

Creating unified demographic forms for ManyBabies projects, with standardized constructs and templates

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MB-ManyWebcams: Web-based Eye Tracking for Infant Studies

Automatic gaze detection via webcam

Affiliated Network

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A large-scale collaboration on comparative cognition and behavior across animal taxa
Project: MM1: Reversal Learning