Project Overview

  • Status: Data collection complete; Piloting coding protocols/software to code infants’ emotional responses and posture
  • If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and join as a collaborator!

The goal of this project is to measure infants’ emotional responses (e.g. positive/negative affect) to the helping/hindering events in MB4. We aim to understand the relation between infants’ affect and social preferences (e.g. similar to Steckler et al., 2017). We plan to analyze infants’ facial expressions (e.g., positive/negative affect) and other observable responses (e.g., posture, following Hepach et al., 2015 while viewing the MB4 habituation videos. In addition to theoretical contributions, we aim to identify new methodological tools that can be used at scale to store, share, and analyze infant video data. We also seek to explore and validate innovative and scalable ways to code variables that previously relied solely on human coding (e.g., facial expression and posture).

  • Materials, Protocols, and Documentation: will be added after the pre-registration is complete
  • MB4: main project page


MB4E Contributors

We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contact the Project Leads (see above). Please note that access to infants/an infant lab is NOT a prerequisite.

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