ManyBabies Resources

Developmental Science Resources

  • CHILDES: A system for sharing and studying conversational interactions of children
  • childes-db: A flexible and reproducible interface to CHILDES
  • Children Helping Science (Powered by Lookit): Connects parents and researchers via online studies to support developmental research
  • Databrary: A data library for developmental scientists to securely store, manage, share, discover, and reuse research data (including videos, audio, precedures, stimuli, and related metadata)
  • Kotoboo: Science-based information about language learning in childhood, in the form of comics
  • MetaLab: Interactive tools for community-augmented meta-analysis, power analysis, and experimental planning in cognitive development research
  • Peekbank: A flexible and reproducible interface to developmental eyetracking datasets
  • TalkBank: A system for sharing and studying conversational interactions in general
  • Web CDI: An online project of the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory Advisory Board
  • Wordbank: An open database of children’s vocabulary development

Open Source Software

  • Datavyu: A data coding and visualization tool
  • Julia: A flexible dynamic language, appropriate for scientific and numerical computing, with performance comparable to traditional statically-typed languages.
  • Open Sesame: Create experiments for psychology, neuroscience, and experimental economics.
  • Psychopy & PyHab: Create experiments in behavioral sciences (neuroscience, psychology, psychophysics, linguistics…). PyHab is especially developed to measure looking time and manage stimulus presentation for infant research.
  • R & RStudio: A free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Open Science Resources

Partner Networks & Organizations

  • ABRIR: Advancing Big-team Reproducible science through Increased Representation is a working group that aims to diagnose the unique barriers to leadership & participation in Big-team/Open Science faced by researchers from LMICs (low-to-middle income countries)
  • Canadian Reproducibility Network: A national peer-led consortium that aims to promote a healthy and vigorous Canadian research ecosystem where all outputs are trustworthy, rigorous, and reproducible
  • Children Helping Science powered by Lookit: A platform to connect developmental researchers with parents, and to host and run online experiments
  • ManyBirds: A multi-site collaborative Open Science approach that aims to provide new insight into the evolution of avian cognition and behavior through large-scale comparative studies
  • ManyDogs: An international consortium of researchers interested in Canine Science
  • ManyFishes: A large-scale collaborative project dedicated to comparative cognition and behavior in fishes
  • ManyManys: A large-scale collaboration on comparative cognition and behavior across taxa (co-founded by ManyBabies)
  • ManyPrimates: A project that aims to facilitate collaboration across study sites in primate cognition research
  • Psychological Science Accelerator: A globally distributed network of psychological science laboratories that coordinates data collection for democratically selected studies
  • Strengthening Democracy Challenge: Crowdsourced challenge to bring academics, practitioners, and industry experts together in a collective effort to identify effective interventions to improve Americans’ commitment to democratic principles of political engagement

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